Muhle Silvertip Badger Brush with Chrome Handle


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Muhle Fine Badger Brush Chrome Plated Metal to Match R89 and R41
The perfect match for our Muhle Classic Safety Razors R89 or R41 (sold here separately). The fine silver tip badger hair for the brush is especially hand selected and hand tied. Its unique feature is the shimmering silver color and a black hair band in the natural course, the so-called mirror.
The proportion and design of this finely chiseled brush handle perfectly complements the safety razors.
It is nickel-plated and refined with chrome which makes this shaving brush very appealing to the eye.
In addition, the shaving brush boasts high quality.
  • Silver Tip Badger Hair
  • Size medium (knot 21mm)
  • Handle: Chrome

Made in Germany
Natural hair, the finest material for handcrafted brushes.
Its special features are the shimmering silver colour and a black band running through the hair.
It is used to make durable, high-quality, unique pieces with outstanding performance qualities.


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