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Some Say: "It's The World's Finest Shaving Soap!" 

Martin De Candre Original Shaving Soaps 200g Jars-

Saponified in a cauldron using exclusively vegetable oils , our shaving soap is the fruit of ancestral artisanal know-how , 100% made in France. Our entire range is vegan , natural and handmade in our workshop in Anjou (49). Each shaving soap has benefited from drying for several months to consolidate the paste and refine their scent with essential oils. Thanks to this rest time, you will be able to savor their remarkable foam quality and their rich scent of character for a long time!

The soaps listed below are presented in a modern and elegant crystal bowl of 200g with a screw on lid, unlike other soap brands, Martin De Candre jars are packet to the very tip-top with shaving soap. Each bowl is placed into an elegant fitted box which is perfect for gift-giving.

Select Your Desired Scent from the Drop-Down Menu.

AGRUMES (citrus): Martin De Candre Citrus Shaving Soap boasts all the usual hallmarks - generous, unctuous, soft lather and deliciously fragrant. This citrus (or 'agrumes') shaving soap has the unparalleled freshness of lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot - fragile, subtle notes that can sometimes prove difficult to harmonise for a perfumer, but pulled off here with aplomb using only essential oils. A shave to savour.

FOUGERE (woody): Martin De Candre Fougere Shaving Soap posesses all the same qualities as the original. This soap boasts delicate fresh green woody notes and is deliciously nostalgic. Made from a blend of 12 essential oils, the fresh, sweet, evocative fragrance is matched only by the supreme performance of the soap.

NATURE (natural): Martin De Candre Nature Shaving Soap is made with the same ingredients and processes as the scented soaps in the collection. Added to the range by popular demand, it is an excellent soap that lathers well and lasts a long time without leaving a perfume. Very soft, it spreads like a cream - abundant and wet. It will allow you to perform a close shave with great glide and cushion.

ORIGINAL: Martin De Candre 'L'Original' Shaving Soap was the very first soap in the Martin de Candre range, with its first manufacturing run coming in the 1980s. The ultra luxurious texture and abundance of foam immediately seduced wet shavers, while the discreet and refined freshness of its perfume made from the essential oils of lavender, mint and rosemary only added to its appeal.

ROSE: Martin De Candre Rose Shaving Soap was inspired by customer feedback on new fragrances. The rose scent surprises with the powerful yet delicate nature of its perfume. Elegant, flowery, and with an irresistibly fresh fragrance of real roses.

VETYVER: Martin De Candre Vetyver Shaving Soap was inspired by customer feedback on new fragrances. This evolving scent is dry and woody - the vetiver is not soft, rather earthy and a little smoked. More green, more manly, and very seductive...

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: To create a dense and generous lather , use a natural bristle or plant fiber shaving brush . After wetting it with hot water and wringing it out between your hands, make circular motions over the top of the soap. To develop the lather, you can work it into a shaving bowl , on the palm of your hand or on your face. When it is compact like snow whites , you can start shaving with your usual razor.

We strongly advise against using blades with lubricating strips. They risk sticking together with the shaving foam, making it impossible to remove the hairs.

Be sure to always drain your pot after use. For optimal preservation of the dough, we advise you to close the lid only when moving it. 

***Our shaving soap is particularly economical to use because you only need very little product to fill your shaving brush with creamy and generous foam. A 200g jar lasts at least one year for daily shaving***

Shaving Advice/Instructions from Martin De Candre on wet shaving:

  • Thoroughly wash your face with warm water for a couple of minutes.
  • Always rinse your shaving brush well under warm water after each use and gently flick out the excess water. Too much water and the lather will become runny and will dry out too quickly when applied to face.
  • Brush the shaving soap in a circular, whisking motion with the shaving brush until a rich lather forms. Do not press down on the bristles, as this may damage the brush - simply move in quick circular motions.
  • Now use the brush to apply the lather to your beard in small, gentle, circular motions or in gentle painting motions.
  • Experiment until you produce a good lather.
  • When finished quickly rinse the shaving soap bowl-like container under cold water to remove excess foam. Invert bowl so as to let soap drain and dry. Soap dries best when bowl is left open.
  • A good shaving soap used along with a shaving brush provides an extremely close shave making you feel clean and comfortable.

This is how the mundane task of shaving turns into a morning treat !!!

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Aqua, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Linalool, Geraniol, Limonene, Eugenol 

Made In France

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Customer Reviews

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Nachiket Vyas

I have all flavours except Agrums. Hopefully that will be in my den too in a few months.

James P.
Great soap

MdC is probably one of the best most consistent soaps I own and I definitely have too many. Glad it started coming in other scents to be able to mix it up.

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