LEA Classic Shaving Cream in Jar from Spain


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LEA Classic Shaving Cream in Jar.

Scented with Sandalwood and Moss creates a rich, creamy lather. Designed for sensitive skin.

  • Glycerin, lanolin, menthol, and bisabolol add conditioning, nourishing, protecting, and toning properties-Great for sensitive skin.
  • Scented with sandalwood and moss
  • Packaged in a jar with screw cap


Made in Spain


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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This Spanish shave soap lathers well, is very slick, protects well, and comes in a nice silver tin. The only thing I don't care for, is the scent. Although its scent is muted, it smells like a moss bog. I would like to have a better scent, but as for the quality of lather, slickness, and protection, you can overlook the scent.

Robert K.
Lea Shaving cream and After shave balm

Love this stuff. Great smell and a nice light menthol feel.
Used the after shave balm,also great smell and cooling feeling.
Love this stuff!!

Jonathan N.
The Shave in Spain...

I saw several reviews on LEA Shaving Cream, including Mr. Geo's, and I wanted to try it for myself.
The Good: Excellent slickness, skin protection, and moisturization. The cream makes a lot of tight, peaky, cream in just a few minutes of whipping it up with a bowl and brush. Getting it from Shave Nation, because other Shaving sites didn't carry it. Godfather Geo/Shave Nation, does!
The Bad: If you are looking for a strong scent, this shaving Cream is lightly scented, with menthol that is muted. I can't describe it, but it was perfect for letting the aftershave, balm, or cologne to take center stage.
The Ugly: There are other Shaving creams that sell for less, but for a few dollars more, this smooth, creamy, and moisturizing agents, makes this LEA Shaving Cream, a "Must Try"!
My review is based on these items that were used in this test and review:
Vikings Blade, TTO Vulcan
Brand new BIC Astor DE razor blade.
Omega Syntex Yellow Shaving Brush.
Black, oval Silicon shaving bowl.
LEA Shaving cream in the silver tin.
Proraso Green pre-shave cream.
Proraso Alum Block
Thayer's unscented Witch Hazel.
Brut Aftershave.

My Go To

This product holds it own against more expensive shave creams. A small lump will give enough lather for a three pass shave. After the shave my face is soft, conditioned and bump free. I believe the additives are the reason. The menthol is present but not overbearing. I don't detect the sandalwood or moss, whatever that smells like. I use this more than any other cream. The LEA in the tube is good also, but it doesn't have the additives. I will probably occasionally try new creams for the rest of my life but I will always have some of this on hand.

Great lathering, slick, easy on face.

A little dollop goes a long way in a warm shaving bowl. This stuff has a great, clean, friendly scent. It goes on thick and is slick shaving. My face felt soft when rinsing. Hopefully this will be a go to shaving cream for me for years to come.

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