LEA Natural Boar Hair Shaving Brush


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The LEA shaving brush has been created to provide a rich creamy lather for a  perfect, smooth and comfortable traditional shave. Carefully manufactured by hand in Italy is made of 100% natural boar hair and its ergonomic handle allows a comfortable and soft shave.

  • 100% Natural Boar Hair
  • Approximate Dimensions:
  • Overall Length-100mm
  • Handle Length-50 mm
  • Hair Length-50 mm
  • Knot-24mm
  • Exclusive design and Ergonomic Handle


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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This is a great boar's hair Shave Brush! Omega makes Shave Brushes that are some of the best on the shaving supplies market. This brush, like the Proraso shave brush and others, is of high quality and workmanship. It should be listed as one of the top 10 Shaving Brushes of all time!

Jonathan N.
A brush so good...

that LEA asked Omega Shaving to produce their Boar hair shave brush!
Next to Simpsons and Viking Blades, Omega makes awesome, shave brushes that doesn't bust your budget.
This brush was good. As a Boar hair brush, I have to break it in (Godfather Geo has a short video on how to break in a Boar Brush). As always with a new Boar hair brush, it will get better with use. It has a tight backbone. I will have to give everyone another review, after it has been better broken in. So far, it's a great shaving Brush, right out of the box. It gets a 👍 from me. This is a great addition to your Shaving Brush collection!

LEA Natural Boar Hair Brush

I am not experienced enough to evaluate and appreciate the qualities of brushes. What I do know is I like this one. I sometimes forget to soak my brushes and this one takes the abuse of just being wetted before it gets smashed into the lather bowl. I have not noticed a single broken hair. I bought this brush for its low price but extremely satisfied with its durability.

Bret G.
Great product, fabulous service

I love this shaving brush. I was hoping to find products manufactured in other than China, and Shave Nation did not let me down. Keep up the work. Thank you

scott m.
Big big thank you ! Nice brush for the money

Natural hair brush for a good price! Five stars all the way!!

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