Klhip Classic Nail Clipper Set


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Welcome to State of the Art Nail Care! If you want the finest blades in the world, you go to Japan. And in the city of Seki, at the heart of the country, the Classic Clipper Set was born. Combining the precision of stainless steel with the comfort of molded plastic, this high quality set has a few tricks up its reinforced nylon sleeve. Hidden under the handle of each clipper you’ll find an integrated nail file, while behind the jaws lies a clever catchment system, to automatically catch your clippings.

Classic Clipper Set Features

  • Traditional cut: For those who appreciate precision, but aren’t quite ready to go back-to-front.
  • Set of two: A straight-bladed toenail clipper and a curved-bladed fingernail clipper.
  • Clever details: Each clipper has an integrated nail file and automatic clipping catchment system.
  • Complementary materials: Stainless steel cutting edges are housed inside a comfortable molded plastic shell


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