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If you've been shaving with a safety razor for a while and want to make the jump to a straight, then this is the set for you!
Includes the following items:
  • Boker-Shave Nation 5/8 King Cutter Straight Razor from Solingen, Germany
  • Shave Nation 3 inch Strop with Handles. One fabric side one smooth leather side.
  • Naniwa 12,000 Grit Super Stone S1-491
  • Universal adjustable stone holder-fits most sharpening stones. (This is an excellent setup for touch-ups and maintaining your straight razor)
  • Extra Large Chromium Oxide Bar (apply to strop for keen edge on razor)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alex Z.

Great set, most of what I needed to upgrade my shaving set to a higher class.

Robert G.
Great set...

...for a beginner or experienced.

Keith P.
Great Set

I loved Gro's video's and bought this set for the blade, strop and stone holder everything was perfect except for the strop was packaged tight on some sharp corners and left some holes in the strop, very small. but overall, I love this set. It was the missing link in my shave experience. Thank you, Geo!

Bobby Rispler
The perfect set up for a beginner!

I started wet shaving with a Dovo Shavette about a month ago. I’ve been shaving with this set for about 2 weeks, roughly 12 shaves. What a fantastic set! I’ve wanted to learn to shave with a straight razor for years, but every time I looked into it, I found the information online overwhelming, intimidating, and expensive. I stumbled across Geo on YouTube, and his videos made sense, after the first shavette video I watched, I knew I could do this, finally. While I spent a month or so learning with the shavette, I put a stupid amount of time into homework and research on what I wanted in a straight razor set as far as quality and reputation concerning strop, razor, and stone, and of course cost. This is without a doubt the best wet shaving set up on the internet, and far and away the best value I could find. The quality is superb on everything. The razor was absolutely shave ready out of the box, the 12k stone is easy to use with Geo’s Video and is fantastic. The strop is of beautiful quality. Fantastic leather. If you don’t want to do the homework, take my word for it, this is your set. Considering the quality, you will not find a better price on the internet. Lastly, I really don’t think I would have gotten around to trying straight razor shaving, let alone learned how to do it well without Geo’s Videos. They really made wet shaving approachable and fun! Thanks man!

George R.
Going Straight Razor

Awesome setup for anyone wanting to start out with a straight razor. It has absolutely everything you need right outta the box. Nicely done.

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