Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream Violet

George F Trumper

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Geo F. Trumper products have been among London's most popular Gentleman's fragrance and grooming supplies since 1875.
Geo. F. Trumper Violet Shaving Cream has a delightful subtle, clean, crisp and fresh scent.
Perfect for sensitive skin as the violet flower contains natural therapeutic and skin softening properties.
A delight to use sure to become a favorite
Just like the rose, the tiny violet flower has been used in preparations for mens perfumes for centuries.
The delicate bright tones of violet flowers evoke the island of Corsica, and infuse the shaving cream with a wonderful violet color and the concentrated essence of this powerful flower.
Perfect for the man who thinks he has everything.
Geo. F. Trumper shaving creams are among the finest in the world.
Rich in essential oils and glycerin for a very close, smooth shave.
Leaves your face soft and looking its best.
A little goes a long way
Extra large plastic jar with screw top comes packed in a handsome box, perfect for gift giving.
  • Recommended for sensitive to normal skin
  • 200g Tub with screw on Cap
  • Easy lathering
  • A little goes a long way!

Finish off your shave routine with Trumper Coral, Limes, or Sandalwood Skin Food to provide an invisible layer of protection.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John V
Excellent scent, lather and slickness

I'd like to start off by saying that if you have a chambered scuttle mug that allows you to pour hot water into it; dont do it. This cream is very sensitive to heat. I made the mistake of using very hot water in my scuttle and ended up cooking the cream, which resulted in a very unpleasant scent profile, like burnt flowers.

That aside, under normal lathering conditions, this cream is outstanding! It lathers up very well, effortlessly. It's scent profile is identical to violets, very relaxing and soothing. It has a slickness that is hard to match, leaves your face feeling refreshed and relaxed. An excellent choice for a late day or evening shave. I will certainly try out the rose and other varieties. An excellent product all around.

I paired this with Geo's recommendation; Castel forbe's lavender aftershave balm. A very nice combination.

Joseph L.
Trumpet Violet

All Trumper shave creams are great and this is no exception. Thanks Geo

Ryan S.
Wife loves it

Has a lovely scent and makes the shave feel great.

Joseph M.

Love this send and ladders right up

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