Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream Tube

George F Trumper

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This carefully formulated glycerine based shaving cream gives an excellent lather leaving the face exceptionally soft. Only a small quantity is required to produce vast quantities of rich lather. Lightly fragranced and suitable for sensitive skin.

Available in Almond, Coconut, Eucris, GFT, Limes, Rose, Sandalwood, Spanish Leather, and Violet.

Choose your scent from the Drop-Down Menu.

2.5oz-75g Tube - Great for Travel Use!

Made in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katie R.
Weak lather, mediocre smell

I got two tubes; Rose and Limes. Tried Limes first. Doesn't smell like limes to me; in fact, it smelled rather unpleasant as it rinsed, and left no fragrance. More importantly, I tried lathering this cream in several different bowls with badger and boar brushes, too. Each time, my lather was just not very slick--it rinsed off super easily and looked more foamy than creamy, no matter what I did. I tried the Rose--I liked the smell much better, but the lather quality was the same; not slick enough, even though volume developed.

By contrast today I whipped up some lather from a soft "croap" and the difference was super obvious--it looked like frosting or cream cheese on my skin, nice and thick. I also compared Trumpers to two different TOBS creams; TOBS beat Trumpers hands down for slickness, thickness and creamy quality of lather, IMO. If I had to travel today and pick a cream to take, I'd pick one of the TOBS samplers I have or my new tube of Proraso white.

Ismael V.
It's ok

I wanted a coconut scented shave cream and thats what I go from GFT. The scent strength was about a 3. Performance was ok, to me I need slickness and I would go with palmolive of course YMMV and palmolive is also cheaper. Overall it was ok

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