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George F Trumper

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Geo. F. Trumper Extract of Limes Shaving Cream has zesty, exhilarating scents of tangy, tropical limes to get you going each morning with a wonderful shave. Bright and fresh scents from Extract of Limes made from the finest West Indian Limes.
You cant help but smile while shaving with this vibrant, luxurious shaving cream.
Suitable for normal to oily skin.

Geo. F. Trumper shaving creams are made with essential oils and glycerin for a very close shave.
Leaves your face soft and looking its best.
A little goes a long way!
Extra large plastic jar with screw-top comes packed in a handsome box - perfect for gift giving.
  • Recommended for normal to oily skin
  • 200g Tub with screw on Cap
  • Easy lathering
  • A little goes a long way!
Imported from England
Finish off your shave routine with Trumper Coral, Limes, or Sandalwood Skin Food to provide an invisible layer of protection!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephen West
Great cream

The GFT lime is a great cream. It does not smell like limes in the acidic sense more of a fresh smell. It does not overstay it's welcome like the Cella almond scent to me. And is definetly not as long lasting as the Eucris or the Arko. It is not bad would I purchase it again ehh. I would probally check out what else is out there before making another purchase. Lather wise it does the job well these GFT creams need very little water or they will get washed out. Once you find that balance you will be golden.

Sergei S.
Excellent shaving cream

Has a pleasant old school barber shop smell, I expected something more citrus but it's not a show stopper. Whips up in to more leather then usual so thats a bonus. Feels gentle, no irritation, overall very happy.

Not as good as TOBS

I've been testing creams and soaps for a few months now as I try to find a couple to always have around. For a woman, or anyone who has to shave significantly more surface area than a face, I think creams make it a little easier to build high volume quality lather. So far I've tried Geo.F.Trumper (GFT) cream and Taylor of Old Bond Street, or TOBS, creams. I think at this point my opinion is formed. I consider TOBS superior in smell and performance. I have only used GFT's Limes so far (I ordered Rose, too, in the tube). First, it doesn't smell like the description at all--it is not "exhilarating" or even noteworthy. To me, a sensitive smell person, it doesn't even really smell like lime. As I rinsed, a slightly nasty smell was replaced by no smell at all, maybe a hint of a soapy smell. I also believe that the TOBS comes out "slicker," as it took almost no effort to rinse the GFT, but rinsing TOBS seems to be more difficult. Also, the TOBS smells aren't too powerful but they linger a little bit in a good way, and smell like you think they should, both going on and coming off. Based on my experience with 2 or 3 uses of GFT Limes vs. 6 or 7 uses of TOBS lime zest and other creams, TOBS wins. But now I want to try OTHER brands and see how they stack up!

Scott C.
Slick and scented

Slick and not overpowering scent. Great for spring and summer shaving.

Great shave cream

GFT limes has it all! Great scent, great lather equals a great shave. Finished the shave off with the GFT limes skin food. I would put this right up there with TOBS Sandlewood and Fine American blend.

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