"Geo Set" 34C Safety Razor Set

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This set features the same items used in Geos First Shaving Video with an upgraded shaving brush! (View the video on this page)
•Merkur HD34C Safety Razor The Second Most Popular Safety Razor Made/Sold by Merkur/comes with one Merkur DE blade)
•5 Pack of Feather Hi-Stainless DE Blades
•Ebony Handle Pure Badger Brush
•Black Acrylic Brush Stand (To store brush in proper drying position)
•Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream in 150g Jar (choose the scent in the comment section at checkout) We will select one for you if no choice is made or if we are out of stock on the scent you have chosen.
These items will set you on the Proper Path to a Baby Smooth Safety Razor Shave!
*Model: GEO/34C/SET/EHPB

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