Fine Classic Shaving Soap


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Fine Accoutrements is an American company that has shaving soap made in Italy. Why? Because that's how far Mr. Fine will go to produce the easiest, thickest, slickest, & most skin conditioning lather in the world!
  • Premium Tallow/Veggie Hybrid Base
  • Generously Fragranced
  • XL 5 oz (150 ml) Product Volume
  • Performs in Hard Water
  • Contains No Artificial Colors
  • Handmade in Italy

Choose among 8 Scents:

Fine American Blend Shaving Soap: provides exactly that, along with a fragrance that, better than any other,  captures the essence of a traditional barbershop shave. Inspired by Rive Gauche Pour Homme (2003) by Yves Saint Laurent, the scent calls to mind warm cream accompanied by tonic, leather, and chrome.
Fine Barber Blue: provides exactly that, along with an all-time classic aftershave fragrance beloved by shaving aficionados of all generations.  As nostalgic and refreshing as a barbershop scent can be, this effervescent fougere features crisp top notes of lemon, lime, and orange layered over hints of herbs, florals, and leather. 
Fine Clubhouse: provides exactly that, along with a classic aromatic note of talc cut with herbs, spices and musk.  Inspired by Canoe (1936, by Dana) and popularized by Pinaud, the scent is a mainstay in country club locker rooms and barbershops the world over.

Fine Italian Citrus: represents the epitome of mediterranean panache. Inspired by Acqua di Parma Colonia (1916), it is a sublime blend of citrus and musk.

Fine Latigo Shaving Soap: provides exactly that, paired with an exquisite fragrance composition of leather, talc, and diesel - inspired by the legendary Knize Ten (1925).

Fine L'Orange Noir Classic Shaving Soap: Inspired by Terre d'Hermes (2006), the scent pairs rich earth with a hint of dry orange, and there's no better choice for the man who refuses to be categorized.

Fine Platinum Shaving Soap: provides exactly that, along with a crisp and sophisticated fragrance that radiates success. Inspired by Creed Aventus (2010), the scent features a spicy pineapple top note over a smokey oakmoss base note - and exudes the confidence born of wearing a perfectly tailored suit. 
Fine Snake Bite Shaving Soap provides exactly that, PLUS an intense, mentholated cooling effect that has to felt to be understood. Pair with Fine Snake Bite After Shaving Tonic for the coldest shave this side of creation!
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
John Bair
Great Shave

I decided to try the shaving soap. It has become my daily go to shave. I have tried many other high end soaps while they were good for my face this soap leaves my face more moisturized and has more slickness then any other soap I've used. If you are looking for a premium shave soap look no further.

Bill D.
Great Product

Fine Classic Soap is a must have in your shave den. Will be buying more.

robert f.
A scent from the past

Shaving soap is very slick. It does not have a strong sent. The scent is much stronger while the tub is air drying in my bathroom.

Sam Hillanbrand
It lives up to the company name

Fine's Classic Shaving Soap is new for me and is a good example of a company that put a lot of care into their products. It has a great scent and a feel on my skin. It makes my shave easier and my skin looks great! I highly recommend! It sure is such a FINE product!


Excellent scent, excellent lather. Pairs beautifully with the Fine Snake Bite aftershave.

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