Fine Accoutrements Stout Synthetic Shaving Brush


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Inspired by the iconic Simpson's "Chubby" brush and perfectly sized between their Chubby 1 and Chubby 2. The "Stout" brush is reasonably priced and features Fine's miraculous "Angel Hair" fibers.

See the Fine Stout Brush whip up Über Lather quickly in the video above.

These Angel Hair fibers represent the first synthetic material to truly rival the highest grade badger hair for comfort and performance. Both cruelty free and lower cost than badger, there's little doubt that this shaving brush is truly a gift! Fine Accoutrements is proud to have been among the first in the world to offer this knot.

  • 100% Solid Resin Handle
  • 24mm Knot with 50mm Loft
  • Handle measures 42mm tall with a maximum diameter of 39mm
  • Made in China


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