Feather Plier Hair Shaper Razor


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Feather Plier is a hair cut razor system specifically developed for the highly skilled hair stylist. 

The FEATHER® Plier™ Razor is the most advanced replacement blade hairstyling razor in the world without a guard. Designed for the purest at heart, the Plier™ is a thin, lightweight razor with impeccable balance. Every aspect of the razor was precision engineered to give the highest quality, feel and performance. With this razor, every possible razor cutting technique can be done accurately and proficiently without resistance. 

The Plier is a part of our Diamond Series and is a top of the line Feather Styling Razor. It has a superior balance and weight that gives a feel in the hands like no other. The razor is slim with a non-slip grip handle making it very comfortable to use all day, every day. The Plier is perfect for the hairdresser who craves freedom in their artistic work and is already very comfortable with razor haircutting. The Feather Plier Razor includes a Feather Plier Razor and a removable plastic comb guard.

Blades sold separately-no blades come with the razor. 

The Plier Razor Blades (sold here separately) are unique to the Plier Razor as these blades do NOT have a guard. These blades give sharp, clean cuts to the hair. One Plier Blade Cartridge contains 20 blades. 

  • Easy to use slim profile
  • Cutting feel is directly conveyed to the fingertips
  • Special cross-sectional shape adopted
  • Blades sold separately here

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