NEW! Feather Artist Club SR Razor


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The NEW Feather SR SUPER RAZOR Offers a New Sensation in Shaving!

Specifically designed with an excellent weight balance that allows the effortless shaving of even the thickest beards. The rounded tip is gentle on the skin. Provides a smooth shaving experience in combination with the weight balance.

  • The body is made of stainless steel and the smooth surface treatment (sandblasting) prevents the razor from sticking to the skin, thus guaranteeing smooth strokes.
  • Artist Club Folding SR Razor handles are made from “Super engineering resin”
  • Artist Club SR Japanese Razor handles are made from silicone resin.
  • The screw connecting body and handle is anti-slipping design
  • Blade-holding part has a spring-mounted one-touch mechanism, which enables easy dismantlement and reassembly
  • Uses Feather Artist Club Professional Blades-Click Here

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