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Feather Artist Club Pro Soft Guard Blades are recommended for a safe shave against sensitive skin. The Pro Soft Guard provides the most safety compared to the other Artist Club blades because it features a guard and has the least amount of exposure from the head when inserted. The blade guard tips are designed half rounded to help glide the blade across the surface. It offers a soft feeling that makes the shaving experience very comfortable. Due to the blade guard, it also provides durability as well as longevity. The Pro Soft Guard Blades are recommended for consumers to use at home, barbers who are new to shaving, women's skin, sensitive skin, and those who want a very mild shave. One cartridge contains 15 blades. The cartridge dispenser enables easy, sanitary insertion of new blades and safe disposal of used blades.

The Feather Artist Club Blades are designed to fit all Feather Artist Club Professional Shaving Razors. Each blade features triple grinding for optimal sharpness and double coating of platinum alloy and resin. The Artist Club Blades Series offers the ability to customize shaves to your clients needs, enabling a superior shave they will love. Feather blades are sharp, consistent and high quality. They are guaranteed to last longer than other blades around!

See Geofatboy's videos for blade loading and shaving demonstration. Feather Artist Club SS Razors can fit any of the 5 Artist Club blades: Professional, Super, Light, ProGuard and Soft Guard Blades.

  • One injector with 15 blades
  • Mildest of all the Artist Club blades
  • Specifically designed for sensitive skin
Made in Japan

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