Fatip Hybrid CC-OC Safety Razor Gold


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Fatip Safety Razor Hybrid Large Gold CC-OC

The Hybrid Gold Safety Razor from Fatip stands out for its unique design, characterized by a head that combines both open and closed guard. This particular feature makes it a versatile product, suitable for various traditional shaving needs.

Technical Features
The Hybrid Gold Razor from Fatip is an Open – Closed comb model, offering the choice between two shaving modes. It weighs 67gr, with a total length of 87mm. The handle measures 78mm, while the head width is 42mm. These dimensions make it manageable and easy to use, ensuring a precise and comfortable traditional shave.

Italian Quality and Design
The Hybrid Gold Safety Razor is a high-quality product, made with attention to detail and with durable materials. The design is elegant and refined, typical of Italian style. This razor is not just a functional accessory, but also a design object that enriches your bathroom with a touch of class.

Made in Italy
The Hybrid Gold Safety Razor is a product entirely Made in Italy, synonymous with quality and refined design. The product comes in a large size, adding to its ease of use and comfort during shaving.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2.36oz-67g
  • Length: 3.42in-87mm

Made In Italy


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