Fatip Grande Razor Gold Open Comb


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The Fatip Grande Safety Razor is hollow handled, lighter weight 3 piece razor that is well-balanced and easy to use. It features piped detailing on the handle, a polished gold finish, and an open comb head which works well with varying lengths of beard growth. A stylish, functional razor at a great price.

About Fatip:

Since 1950, Fatip has been producing quality double edge razors with distinctive designs. Handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen, Fatip's razors feature open comb heads, well-balanced handles, and polished metals in a variety of hues. With their classic vintage styling and high performance design, Fatip's razors offer a refined, precise shaving experience

Made in Italy


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff Pugh
Fatip Gold

Not a bad shaver. Not expensive. Attractive as well. It does a great job of getting under the nose. I used a Persona blade. I would be comfortable using a Feather blade. It is very smooth.
There is a little play in setting the blade. So I had to loosen and adjust it so the reveal was good. Not a fan of short handle. I always pay the extra for a longer handle. Didn't find one by the company. Overall, not bad. I'll put it in my rotation. No regrets. Thanks ShaveNation.

David H
One of the best.

Was a splurge item I have three other razors, but I wanted to go all out on the bling as they say and what better way than a gold razor? Well I’m very happy with it, easily tied with my number one razor. If you get busy and end up with more than a shadow, this thing will make quick clean work of it. Really well made, fits my hand well and if you know what your doing will give the closest shave barring a straight razor. Very pleased, has drawn my attention to the brand. Excellent and quick service, Shave Nation has been know for incredible customer service in the more than a decade I’ve been a customer. Thanks Geo for being great, I don’t shop for my shaving items anywhere else…I go out of my way to shop here.

Doug G.
Fatip Grande, Gold, Open Comb

Looks great. Shaves great. Smooth, comfortable and efficient.

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