Dreadnought Avenger Brush-Wood Handle


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Dreadnought Avenger Brush is a product that will improve the quality of your shave by creating a really great lather and ensuring that each of your hairs are properly coated with Dreadnought Shaving Cream.
This ensures that you enjoy a really close shave and helps avoid skin problems,
ingrowing hairs, and razor rash.

If you take care of your brush it will last you a lifetime and it really could not be any simpler.
After using your Avenger (with Dreadnought Shaving Cream of course!) rinse the brush clean in warm water.
Give the bristles a gentle squeeze to remove as much water as possible, followed by a good shake or two, then rest it on its base so it can dry in free air.
*Never store your wet brush in a drawer or cabinet*

The Manufacturer has assured us that these are the exact same formulas as the Original Bluebeards Revenge U.K. Products, now packaged under the DREADNOUGHT label for distribution in the USA.

Imported from the U.K.
Dreadnought uses totally recyclable packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael F.
shaving brush

hard to find item locally so ordered over the internet. it's a decent brush but the bristles are still very stiff, hope they soften up so the soap lathers better. overall glad I find you!

Vance Howard
Worst brush I've ever used

Save your money and buy a real boar bristle brush. I have a real boar bristle brush by Omega and it is worlds better than this brush. The Dreadnought is a puny synthetic brush that will require you to continually add water to it. After soaking the brush for 15 minutes, I could not get it to hold enough water to be able to work up an adequate lather to get a good shave. It also immediately started losing bristles from the knot. Even a cheap badger brush I got from Wal Mart performs better than this brush. I would not wish this brush on anyone.

Jeff H.
Dreadnought Avenger Brush

I am thoroughly pleased with the brush. Some reviews said that it was a good starter brush but not "the best" but I have had several different brushes and it is the best one I have had. It lathers quickly and very well. It took very little time to receive the brush in the mail and I was very pleased with all the shipping options that were available. I will definitely purchase from Shave Nation again and will absolutely refer people to this site.

Greg P.
Shaving cream / brush

excellent item, will buy again

John Trough
satisfied customer

this is replacing a brush that had begun to lose hairs.

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