Dovo Super Platinum DE Blades 100ct


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The DOVO SUPER PLATINUM DE(Double Edge) razor blades have proven their worth for decades due to their sharpness and cutting ability. They are specially designed for the requirements of our safety razors. The blades are also individually packed in paraffin paper so that you can break them safely and prepare them for use in a shavette style razor.

  • 10 Packs of 10
  • Known for superior quality
  • Made from high quality Solingen Stainless Steel with a Platinum coating.
  • Suitable for all Standard Double Edge Safety Razors sold here.
  • Made in Germany


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The search is over!!!

All I can say is top tier. I am a hard-core Feather user just like Geo and many others but I always would get a little razor burn and tenderness post shave, and sometimes irritation on my neck area. I have sensitive skin and a course beard, especially my neck area which grows sideways and is like fine metal wire lol I like to get bbs shaves and my neck pays for it no mater the blade. Iv tried em all, Gillettes, Astra, Mercur, Wilkinson Sword, Bic, Derby, Persona, the list goes on. All ether cut me like crazy from all the pulling and tugging or give me crazy razor burn, aside from Feather due to them being so Sharp, but unforgiving. These Dorvos, man imo sharper than Astra, but smother than Feather, I'd say a 8.5 to 9 sharpness with Feather being 10. No razor burn, no cuts, no irritation just a bbs shave. If you like me try em, it's shave changing for me. Geo I hope you continue to carry these exact ones I will stock up. Also in case anyone is wondering I shave every other day I primarily use a Paa Copper Assention Double Open Comb and the Rex Ambassador. Sometimes the Rockwell T2 or Feather A2 for rotation.

Samuel F.
Wow! Amazing Blades

These are by far the best blades in production these days
If you demand ONLY the very best the Dovo Blades are for you
Pricey Yes but then quality is never cheap

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