Dovo Shavette Razor-Shiny Stainless Blade Holder


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The Dovo Folding Shavette Razor with Shiny Stainless Handle uses a replaceable blade, eliminating the honing and stropping involved with traditional straight razors.
Since it uses replaceable blades it is also well suited for Barber Shop use where hygiene is an important concern.
The blade is held in place by a clear plastic insert

To load the insert and blade:
Unfold the razor, insert the blade into the clear insert. Load the insert into the razor. View our video in this section.

This Dovo Olive Wood Shavette comes with:

  • 1 Standard size Merkur blade and 2 clear inserts for it
  • Plastic storage sleeve

Note: The green, red, scalloped black, and the flat black long blade holder inserts have all been discontinued by Dovo. The Long blades have also been discontinued. Dovo shavettes now include only a standard sized Merkur blade and the clear insert that holds it. 

Made in Germany.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris P.
From safety to straight razor

I love my safety razor and have been using it for years, however i always wanted to try the straight razor myself. The cost on the shavette is great in case this didint work out for me. Since i have tried it i really like it, plus there is no stropping to do.

Robert Grenier
Dovo Shiny Stainless Steel Folding Shavette

Well I've even into wet shaving now for about 3-4 months & own a Muhle R107 closed comb & saw this Dovo shavette razor & absolutely wanted to try it out! OK well at first I was very skeptical about it since it basically has no bar guard on It like safety DE razors do...but I decided to get one! Boy what a cool product! I shaved two passes & one with the grain & second cross grain...& not a single cut! Don't let the open blade scare you...a steady hand & going slow is the trick. 09/07/2013

Nick MacIntoh
Dovo Shiny Stainless Steel Folding Shavette

Super-fast shipping, I ordered my razor yesterday and got it today! I shaved with it as soon as it came in the mail and it handled three days’ worth of growth with no problems. I used the black insert with the longer blade and what a difference it made. I previously used a different shavette style straight razor that only used standard DE blades and I like that you get a longer cutting edge option with the Dovo Shavette. I also like the metal scales on the Stainless Shavette; I haven’t held the plastic scaled Dovo Shavette but this is a big upgrade from my first straight razor that had flimsy plastic scales. I will definitely be using Shave Nation for my future shaving needs. 03/01/2013

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