Dovo Shavette Razor-Olivewood Handle


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This is the cream of the Crop of Dovo Shavette Razors!

Olive Wood is lightweight, which gives the user plenty of control with this razor. At the same time, Olive Wood is dense and tightly grained, making it one of the more water-resistant woods. Since it uses replaceable blades it is also well suited for Barber Shop use where hygiene is an important concern. The blade is held in place by a black plastic insert.

To load the insert and blade:
Unfold the razor, insert the blade into the black insert. Load the insert into the razor. View our video in this section.

This Dovo Ebony Wood Shavette comes with:

  • 2) Black inserts for 1/2 blades
  • 1) Standard size double edge blade

Note: The long blades and long blade holder have been discontinued. Dovo shavettes now include one standard sized DE blade and 2 black inserts for half of a DE blade. They no longer come in the blue box.

      Approximate Dimensions:

      • Weight: 0.7oz-20g
      • Length Open: 8-1/2in-215mm
      • Length Closed: 5-5/8in-14cm/140mm

      Made in Germany.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Harris E.
      Dovo Shavette Razor

      I did not like the plastic insert way of installing the blade. You have to open it to clean every time you use it and is not very handy.
      Overall good quality product.

      Michael M.
      Love the razor

      Very smooth shaver

      Michael S.
      Super Shaving Supplies and Customer Service!

      Superb! Great stuff and outstanding customer service!

      Mike S.
      Highly recommend this Shavette-type Razor!

      I purchased this razor because there are occasions I do not want to deal with prepping a traditional straight razor (SR) such as when I am traveling or I am short on time. A high quality modern barber type SR using replaceable blades is often very handy. This Dovo razor is great -- it gives me a great shave using the long blades and is very similar in performance to my traditional straight razors! It is also very attractive with the olive wood scales! It does take a bit of getting used to handling because it is lighter in weight compared to a traditional SR. This is a small issue easily overcome after a couple of shaves. I much recommend this razor to gents who want to try straight razor shaving regardless of whether they want to stick with this or move on to the old fashioned SR.

      Julian Earls

      Exceptional service and product. The super fast delivery was very much appreciated! The shave was incredibly smooth and I love the weight, feel, and look of this shavette. Recommend highly!

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