Dovo Shavette Razor-Blue Blade Holder


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The Dovo Folding Shavette Razor with Blue Handle uses a replaceable blade, eliminating the honing and stropping involved with traditional straight razors.
Since it uses replaceable blades it is also well suited for Barber Shop use where hygiene is an important concern.
The blade is held in place by a clear plastic insert

To load the insert and blade:
Unfold the razor, insert the blade into the clear insert. Load the insert into the razor. View our video in this section.

This Dovo Blue Handle Shavette comes with:

  • 1 Standard size Merkur blade and 2 clear inserts for it
  • Plastic storage sleeve

Note: The green, red, scalloped black, and the flat black long blade holder inserts have all been discontinued by Dovo. The Long blades have also been discontinued. Dovo shavettes now include only a standard sized Merkur blade and the clear insert that holds it. 

    Made in Germany.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Rigobero Cardenas
    Fast shipping and great product, highly recommend !!!

    Best straight razor!

    Mark D.
    Keep practicing

    I am still getting familiar with it through use and trying not to cut myself, watching Geo's videos, he makes it look so easy.

    P. M.

    Of the three shavettes I've tried, this is the best. It was totally adequate, shaved well and easy to handle. The only problem is with the loading of the blade, particularly the short blade. It was trial and error while handling a very sharp instrument.. Long replacement blades seem to be unavailable which could make the thing useless to me. It shaved well with the short blade once I got it assembled. BEWARE of the possible unavailability of long replacement blades...

    Jason Presley

    Ordered this on Friday and arrived today, and already used it. It is an absolute amazing razor. I had never used a straight razor before but feels great in the hand and gave me a super smooth shave with only one small nick (my fault, pushed too hard) on the first attempt. This will probably replace my DE razor as my main razor.

    The only negative is now I'm going to have to get a traditional straight razor and everything for it.

    Thanks Geo for the amazing site and items.

    John W.
    Fantastic., I've been practicing with

    Fantastic., I've been practicing with this for a while and find it very comfortable in the fingers to hold and place in the 30 degree angle.

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