Dorco Platinum DE Blades 10 Pk. Red

Dorco Blades

$2.99 USD 

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Dorco New Platinum Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

  • ST-30
  • Package of 10 Blades
  • Excellent for all Standard Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Made in Vietnam


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ned L.
What a delightful surprise.

Dorco blades I’d never heard of them. I conducted an experiment testing Dorco Platinum (Red) blades alongside others that pass muster in my brass Karve “Christopher Bradley” (C plate) and include Gillette Nacet, Parker Stainless Premium Platinum, and Wilkinson Sword blades. Performance-wise, it was a dead heat. Price-wise, Dorco beats out Parker by a penny per blade at $0.29 and $0.30, respectively.Nacet blades are twice as expensive as Dorcos at $0.59 p/b. Wilkinson tops Nacet price wise and nearly are three times as expensive as Dorcos at $0.79 p/b.

I had stocked up on Nacet blades doubting their continued availability after Putin’s bad craziness in Ukraine Now Gillette says they are relocating their factory outside Russia, which adds a sustained quality-of-manufacture question to the mix. But my experiment tells me once I’ve used up my Nacets no matter where they are manufactured the restock will be Dorco Platinums (Red).


i've had no issue with these blades. great price.

Pleasantly surprised

I wasn't really expecting much from these Dorco blades but I must say is I was pleasantly surprised. I have very sensitive sun damaged skin and only shave every other day. My facial hair comes in thin, grows slow but is very coarse and difficult to cut. I performed a two pass shave this evening, with the grain and against and it almost felt like there was no blade in my Merkur open comb. I had no cuts or weepers, even around my chin area where I typically have issues. My only negative with these is the shave wasn't particularly close, but perfectly acceptable. With my sensitive skin, I'll sacrifice closeness for comfort any day.

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