Clubman Pinaud Moisturizing Shave Lather in Sturdy Tube


$8.99 USD 

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Bring the barber shop experience home with this Shave Lather from Clubman. Clubman is committed to excellence in men's grooming and works to provide professional products at affordable prices. 
  • Perfect for a close, smooth, fast shave.
  • Moisturizing formula leaves your face clean and refreshed.
  • Zero razor burn or irritation.

6 oz-177ml  Tube

Made in USA

Shave Nation Item Number: SN2117

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James P.
If I could get a steam filled hot shower...

No problems.
If I was able to have a steam filled hot shower, then the product would be optimal.

Stephen Montgomery
Good stuff

I had a little issue when I first opened the tube. On first squeeze a lot of water came out. Product apparently sat on the shelf for a long time and separated. I shook the tube well to mix everything and I was still able to get this stuff to lather very well and it provided an excellent shave. To me Proraso is the best shave cream you can buy. But this is close to it. I will definitely keep a tube on the shelf

Julio F
Thumbs down

I just received this item last week. Bad purchase on my part. Lather is hard to do and it does not stay on your face, it dries up before you finish your first pass. I've used it several times to see if I get better results, but nothing, nada! Instructions for use are hard to read and in very small letters(I had to get a magnifying glass to read them) It says put in the palm of your hand for lather. I did, then used a brush for lather...and big fail. I tried just using my hands, no good. Even though it's different strokes for different folks I don't recommend this product. Thumbs down.

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