Clubman Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask


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A new skin care technology was developed exclusively for Clubman’s revolutionary Double Down Black Men’s mask. Applying a thin layer, its rich, honey like texture goes on smoothly with a brush or spatula. You can even use your finger tip to spread the product.

Allow the unique ingredients to penetrate for at least 15 minutes or until “set” (no liquid remaining). During the process, you will feel your skin tighten and the impurities & toxins being drawn out from the deepest recesses of your skin. You’ll know that the magic has been completed when you touch the area with the mask and it feels dry to the touch.

Gently remove the mask by lifting it up all the way around the application area. Remove the mask in one piece. Once the mask has been removed the dull side shows all of the impurities drawn out from your skin. If there are any remaining bits and pieces of the double down mask, they are easily removed with water.

We recommend using this product once every two weeks. Not for guys only, this unique product will bring new life into your skin care regimen


Active ingredients: Activated Charcoal & Moroccan Ghassoul. Moroccan Ghassoul: Magnesium, Silicon, Potassium, lithium and other trace elements. Activated Charcoal: Draws out toxins, debris and impurities from the skin as it clarifies and refreshes. Moroccan Ghassoul: helps to enhance skin clarity, as it helps to lessen surface oils and blackheads.

The combination of these two ingredients helps to bring new meaning to men’s skincare.

  • Sturdy Tube with Flip Cap
  • 3 fl oz-90ml
  • Made in USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael E.
A tricky thing to use But very effective!

It was a bit tricky to apply. Took me a half hour for it to dry. And it was a lot of fun removing. But my face was so much better than it was afterwards. Very deep clean and thoroughly removed a lot of gunk from the skin and pores.

Be a man, take care of your face💪

Pro tip….Soak tube in hot water for a bit to help with application. This stuff is thick as molasses in January.

The best mask on the planet!!

This mask is awesome! It really works great. It gives you facial area an extremely deep cleansing. Priced right & as always fast shipping. My wife loves it too!

Billy C.
Made my Face Smoother

I purchased this mask because I had always wanted to try it but once I saw Geo's video about it, I decided to buy it. I watched his video and did applied it alongside him. Overall it did a good job. I didn't get the stereotypical white dots across the black mask once removed, but the job was noticeable.

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