Cella Rapid Shaving Cream


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Cella Shaving Cream Crema Rapida
A Time Tested Favorite among Italian Barbers and Wet Shaving Aficionados
Features an amazingly crisp almond oil fragrance
Enjoy the ritual of a perfect shave with Cella Rapid Shaving Cream in a tube.

The unique formula goes on clear, making it easy to see which areas need to be shaved, and to shape facial hair with speed and precision. Made with choice ingredients, including moisturizing almond oil and allantoin, known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cella Rapid Shaving Cream can be used with or without a brush. Scented with a classic almond fragrance.

  • Sturdy Tube with Screw Cap
  • For Precision Shaving
  • Great for beard/moustache trimming and line-ups
  • Extra Pure
150ml-5.1 fl oz
Made in Italy since 1899

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