Cella Pre Shave Gel


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Cella Pre Shave Gel helps prepare the skin for an extra smooth and comfortable shave. Pro-Vitamin B, Panthenol, Caster oil and Glycerin are quickly absorbed yet will enhance blade glide. Light, clean, masculine scent. Use under Cella or other fine shaving cream.

To Apply:
Massage into damp beard and allow to absorb for 30-60 seconds.
Apply your shaving cream or soap, preferably with a brush.
This gel will provide an extra layer of protection that will help lubricate and protect your face during your shave.

  • Sturdy Sealed Tube with screw-on cap
  • Size: 75ml-2.6 fl oz.
  • Made in Italy since 1899.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cella Pre shave gel

You can't go wrong with Cella. The scent profile of the pre-shave gel compliments the sweet almond shave cream. As previous reviewers said, a little goes a long way.

The price is reasonable considering the quality and many uses you will get from one bottle.

Cella Pre Shave Gel

This stuff works great, creating a very slick under layer to make the blade glide. Has a nice cooling sensation when applying too. I'm using it before my Cella Shave Cream that I love, and probably anything else I will use in the future.

Michasl B.
Cella pre shave

Pairs very well with Cella shave soap/cream. Adds a nice level of slickness and a little goes a very long way. Only deducting a star because of price, there are other very comparable pre shaves out there for cheaper, but if you are obsessive compulsive about having matching shaving products like me, this is worth a go. Good product and fast shipping from Geo as usual.

chris h.
Little goes a LONG way

Pleasant gel pre shave which should last a long while. Worth a try.

John F.
Good alternative to oil preshaves

I have had mixed results with oil-based preshaves and wanted to try a gel-based product. I definitely need a preshave product in the Winter months as my skin dries very quickly. I'm glad I tried Cella. It is very slick and the slickness lasts throughout the shave without the need to reapply for the second pass. A little goes a long way. It kept my face well hydrated. The razor just glided over my stubble - no tugging not even in the goatee area. In fact I could hardly feel the blade. It has a nice cologne scent that doesn't over power your soap's smell. After the shave my skin felt hydrated when usually it feels dry. I'd give it 5 stars but I can't use it every day as the alcohol will inflame my rosacea if used too often.

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