Cella Milano Classic Shaving Set


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The perfect Gift for that Special Someone Maybe yourself!

The Classic Almond Scent: This luxury set contains all the items you need to achieve the perfect shave. The world renowned Italian Cella classic almond fragrance soap lathers up well and lubricates perfectly due to tallow and coconut oil.

Refreshing and Sophisticated: The Aftershave Lotion refreshes instantly, preventing redness. Soothes and moisturizes, leaving your face fresh and hydrated. It has a blend of aromatic and fresh, contemporary and classical scents.

For Best Results: Swirl the wet brush tips in the soap jar and  the classic red-handled shaving brush will assist you in whipping up the perfect lather! Shave, pat the face dry and apply the aftershave lotion.

  • Shaving Soap Jar-150ml
  • Aftershave lotion-100ml
  • Shaving Brush

Imported from Italy


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