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Castle Forbes

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Unlike the majority of pre-shave products, Castle Forbes "The Pre-Shave" is oil-free! Since it is water based, it does not create a barrier to water as oil does. Fully moisturizes your beard in preparation for the shave ahead. 

Hydrates and swells the beard prior to shaving, leaving a 'slip' which allows the blade to glide over the contours and any imperfections of the skin to give a close and protective shave.

To use: Massage onto damp skin, apply shaving lather, shave, enjoy the smooth! 

  • Fragrance free
  • For all skin types
  • Water soluble-won't clog razor

Castle Forbes  Pre-Shave is paraben free, with no added color and has not been tested on animals.

Sturdy 150ml/5oz flip top bottle.

Imported from the Castle Forbes in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel H.
Didn’t work well for me

Unfortunately didn’t work well for my skin. The shaving cream and after shave were both great so I had high hopes.

Paul M.
Sticky Residue.

Sadly, I must say that I was disappointed with this product. Given that I was highly satisfied with the Castle Forbes shave cream, I was excited to try the preshave. While this formulation is oil free, I found it to still leave a sticky, waxy residue on my hands that was difficult to wash off. Realizing that we all have different likes and dislikes based on our particular beard and skin type, for me, the Proraso Preshave is a much superior product. It does a great job softening and making the beard stand up, and it rinses off clean with water and at a fraction of the cost of the Castle Forbes. Paul.

Detlef G.
Not for me but…

Let me preface that I have used castle Forbes shaving cream and after shave for decades and absolutely love it. I find the pre shave unimpressive at least for my beard type. I prefer jpre shave oils after all for a superior glide and a clean shave. This does not mean that it won’t work well for you.

Joseph S.
Best pre-shave out there, hands down

While I'd like to profess a steady hand and perfect shaves, the alum block and visual feedback tell me I can be a little rough on the face. Plus I'm often in a hurry to get out the door on time. All that to say that I enjoy my shaves more with a pre-shave experience.

I've tried at least four different pre-shaves and this one by Castle Forbes is the best. It's not a contest. It goes on super easy and fast. It almost makes warming and lathering unnecessary. So I use it as my go to pre shave.

Sometimes for variety, I use an oil based, scented pre shave. They are okay. Once you get used to the easy on, easy off, quick clean Castle Forbes approach, you're never going back.


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