Carbon Fiber Money Clip

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This handsome real carbon fiber money clip will have you whipping out your money without hesitation! You will be proud to show it off! Made completely from real carbon fiber with a twill weave and a durable matte finish.

Carbon fiber will always go back to its original position, so no worries about it losing its tension, making this a lifelong product. The design allows for as little as 1 bill to be held in place, or several credit cards and bills together.

  • Lightweight: Weighs in at only 10 grams (less than .5 oz)
  • Made completely out of real carbon fiber
  • Twill weave with matte finish
  • Can hold as little as 1 bill or several credit cards and several bills easily
  • Will never lose its tension

Approximate Dimensions:

  • W: 55mm/2.1in 
  • L:  75mm/2.9in
  • Thickness: 7mm/.27in

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