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This handsome real carbon fiber money clip will have you whipping out your money without hesitation! You will be proud to show it off! Made completely from real carbon fiber with a twill weave and a durable matte finish.

Carbon fiber will always go back to its original position, so no worries about it losing its tension, making this a lifelong product. The design allows for as little as 1 bill to be held in place, or several credit cards and bills together.

  • Lightweight: Weighs in at only 10 grams (less than .5 oz)
  • Made completely out of real carbon fiber
  • Twill weave with matte finish
  • Can hold as little as 1 bill or several credit cards and several bills easily
  • Will never lose its tension

Approximate Dimensions:

  • W: 55mm/2.1in 
  • L:  75mm/2.9in
  • Thickness: 7mm/.27in

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    christopher o.
    Review Title

    It's great. I bought things from this store because I believe in the products. Secondly it's the only way to shave. And who doesn't like a few manly extras like flask stuff. A.nyway, do you know what Barbies butler asked Kenny Dahls maitre'd Would you like some cheese with your Oppenwine

    An Anonomous Elderly Gentleman

    Back in the day (1920's), slick dudes would roll up 25 singles and put a 100 dollar bill on the outside, holding it all together with a rubber band, giving the appearance that they were rich hot-shots. Mae West, the movie diva used to say, "Hey big boy, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me!" Well, those days are over, and a gentleman of the 21st century doesn't really want people to see his fat wallet. After all, this money clip is for "folding money." Money clips of the past, were for show, and they weighed a ton. I have used this money clip for over a year now, and just love it. It has a good feel to it, it is lightweight, and it has not lost its grip, or spring to it. I replaced my regular back-pocket wallet, and use this money clip exclusively as a front pocket, only. I put $250 in it, in ones, fives, 10's and 20's. I also put my ID and a credit/debit card in it, and I am good to go. It does not give a Mae West bulge, yet, you are fully aware of it being in your front pocket. Great Job Geo! Another great item from Shave Nation!

    Thelma OMAHONY
    Light practical and cool looking

    This is lovely lightweight and a great size. Fits easily in any bag or in my case my pocket book . The design is cool with lovely graphics , very arty and good to look at. I am delighted with mine. They make great stocking filler gifts!

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