"Budget" Straight Razor Shaving Set

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$69.99 USD 

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Limited Funds? Start with this beginner's set. 
  • Gold Dollar 5/8 Straight Razor
  • Illinois Razor Strop #127 (one fabric side one smooth leather side)

Gold Dollar Razor: Maybe you're not interested in spending over $100 on a traditional style straight razor. We've added these to the lineup so you can give it a try and still be cost effective. You can get a feel for it, practice your stropping, honing, and shaving, then jump to a quality straight razor by Dovo or Böker, or Thiers Issard when you see fit.

Razor comes in a handsome blue gift box with a magnetic latch. The blade will have a thin coating of razor oil from the factory for protection. Carefully wipe the oil from the blade prior to first use.

  • Blade width is 6/8 and the razor weighs approx. 2 oz.
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • These razors are in stock for immediate shipment

Note: Our straight razors ship just the way we get them from the factory. This is for hygienic reasons. Many who hone razors test the razor by shaving with it before sending them on to you. We feel that a razor is like a toothbrush, a very personal item, and should be new, not previously shaved with. When you buy a straight razor from us, you can rest assured that it is, in fact, brand new. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My thoughts

Great product very happy this is what i wanted thank you shave nation your the best

chris c.
Takes a bit of work but can't beat the price. And service is A

This was my first straight razor purchase. I wanted to see if it was my kind of thing before dropping a ton of cash, and this set is perfect for that purpose. I can't say it was "shave ready" out of the box, but it honed up nicely with a bit of work on 1000-8000K stones. The steel is pretty good, and the strop works very well. If you're thinking about trying a straight razor, this is a pretty good place to start.

claude h.
Blade sharpness

The overall shaveset
Is fine but the razor wasn't shave ready. I'm doing everything I can to get an edge but am having trouble. Service is great Geo.

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