Bison-Ezra Arthur 3 Inch Red Latigo Straight Razor Strop

Bison Leather

$135.00 USD 

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Bison Ezra USA 3 Inch Red Latigo Superior Straight Razor Strop
This premium razor strop is designed to last you a lifetime using quality American raw materials.
A quality strop is an important tool for the straight razor shaver.
Latigo leather from Herman Oak in St. Louis is beautifully finished, stamped and outfitted with a stylish handle and modern satin nickel hardware.
100% Cotton Linen canvas strop on the reverse side.

  • Precision cut, finished and assembled.
  • Made in USA

Stropping Dimensions:
18 Inches X 3 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tom G.
Straight razor shaving

I’m happy to have found Shave Nation. I’ve purchased excellent shaving products and with Geo’s great shaving videos I’ve learned how to use a straight razor!

David Redford
Superb high quality strop

After receiving a Dovo Bismarck razor for Christmas I decided to purchase this strop to go with it. The quality of the leather is amazing and stropping has become strangely addictive, simply because it’s so smooth. It’s helped to put a fantastic edge on my new razor (which needed sharpening urgently right out the box!).

The strop is about 3” wide, meaning I don’t really need the XY strokes anymore. The strop comes in 2 parts, leather and linen, the linen part is excellent for helping to keep your blade edge dry as well as prevent burring. I won’t be adding any compounds/pastes to this one.

Thank you ShaveNation for this awesome product, teaching me how to shave properly via YouTube, and for the sample of Derby soap that came with the strop.

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