Big Ben Super Stainless DE Blades 5

Big Ben Blades

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Big Ben DE Blades
Super Chrome - Stainless steel and Polymer Coated for Smoothness and Longevity
Delivers an Outstanding Smooth Shave
Excellent for all Standard Safety Razors
  • Premium Quality!!!
  • Package of 5
  • Made in Egypt


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lightning fast shipping

VERY close but feels different.

I have just tried the Big Ben for the first time, meaning 3 shaves on 1 blade, but I swapped it between 2 razors.
I put the blade in my Parker 74R and shaved with it 2 times. I swapped it to my Henson AL13M tonight. VERY close shave in both razors and in all 3 saves, but it gives a feel as it cuts and is audible. I hear it a bit more then with other blades and I can feel the gentle tug, but that's what I thought was odd. Tugging is usually a sign of a dull blade but this feel was not the same as a dull blade. It was different, and felt good actually. I was VERY satisfied with how close the saves were. I use Feathers sometimes and this was every bit as close a Feather blade, but the feather is a bit harsh at times and this Big Ben was not, despite the feel and the sound. I wonder if the polish angle of the edge is steeper then many others. A steep edge angle parts the object being cut with more of a forcing the cut open side to side, but that is not to mean the edge is any less sharp. As a wood worker with over 1/2 a century of experience I understand edge geometry and I am going to guess the Big Ben blades are very sharp but sharpened at a steeper (higher) angle. I can't say for sure without a way to magnify the edge and look, but that's how it feels. Iif I go through all 5 and they are all the same, I will diffidently be buying more. I really like the saves it gave me .
If all are the same as the 1st one I will be buying a few hundred of them later.

Steve M.
Quite possibly my new favorite blade

These are excellent. Up to now my go to blades were Feather, Polsilver, & the now discontinued Wizamet. These are easily now in my top 3. Buttery smooth but get the job done nicely!

Alfredo G.
Great Blades Great Services

Great blades super close shave.

Kosta K.
Great With a Gillette OT

The Big Ben Super Stainless work really well with my grandfather's Gillette OT safety razor.

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