Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades 5 (Greece)


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Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades 5Pk *Made in Greece*

Bic Chrome Platinum Blades DE blades made from stainless steel come in packs of 5 blades. These Blades are triple honed with a polymeric and platinum coating and a Teflon treatment.
  • Pack of 5 individually wrapped blades
  • Manufactured in Greece 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Greg P.
Unveiling the Hidden Gem: The Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blade

The Bic Chrome Platinum is a true hidden gem in the world of razor blades. In my shaving experience, it delivered a remarkably close, smooth shave that lasted almost the entire day. This blade rivals the sharpness of the renowned Feather blade but comes with the added benefit of being as smooth as a Med Prep. What sets it apart is its impressive performance without the hefty price tag associated with some high-end blades. The Bic Chrome Platinum strikes a perfect balance, providing a close shave without sacrificing comfort. Its durability ensures a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for those who appreciate quality shaving without breaking the bank. In summary, if you're searching for a reliable blade that combines sharpness and smoothness at an affordable price, the Bic Chrome Platinum is a must-try.

David Tituaña
Good DE blades

Good blades, the second and the third time are better than the first one. Four shaves are the maximum I can get with these blades.

A surprise in a nice blade.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness and smoothness of this blade.

Better than the old disposable Bic I remember

The first time I used a BIC disposable razor, I cut the heck outta my face and vowed to NEVER buy BIC again. Somebody told me to give the DE blades a try and that they thought I would like these. Good and sharp! I am still using the first blade and have 2 shaves on it. It looks like I will get at least 2 more.

Either my technique is better or the blades are better! LOL ( I was 20-something when I tried the disposable)

Me like!

Corey G
Do Recommend

Work well with both Henson AL13 and Mühle R89. Nice shave with no irritation; performance on par with or exceeding Feather (at least for me).

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