Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades 100ct (Greece)


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Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades 100 Count
Bic Chrome Platinum Blades DE blades are made from stainless steel and come in packs of 5 blades.
These Blades are triple honed with a polymeric and platinum coating and a Teflon treatment.

  • 20 x 5 Pks
  • Sharp, smooth, and comfortable
  • Manufactured in Greece 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emmanouil C.
Feather opponent

Whereas i live in greece, these blades are not available but from abroad. So, let's get cleared that i don't pay less per blade, cause i buy them from abroad. Only bic astors are available in greece from bic, that are terrible blades. BIC chrome platinums are on the other side. They're brilliant, at least for my type of skin and beard. Something that concerns to all users is the fact that i feel they get sharper after first and again after second use. Sharpness start fading after third or fourth use. So i use them for two or three shaves. I found that my other beloved blade (feather) is a bit sharper out of the pack, but starts fading out from the beginning. So, an once or twice used BIC blade is a bit sharper than an out of the pack brand new feather. I use BICs in my feather razors (ASD2, popular and adjustable) and milder blades in my ikon tech. All in all, BICs are extra sharp and just smooth (not extra smooth as a sharp blade it is).

Jim L.
A keeper

Never tried these blades before. I’ve only been wet shaving for less than a year. Tried more blades then I can count, sample packs. I have sensitive skin, Feathers are just too much for me. I refer to them as biopsy blades, enough said. Settled on Personna med preps and Gillette Nacets as my go tools. The Bic come in just slightly under them. Efficient, mild and you can’t beat the price.

David E.
Amazing blades

These are my favorite blades, they're not as good as the Kais but they are more affordable and they are more forgiving and just feel so good to use whereas the Kais felt a lot thicker

Emanuel P.
Vic Chrome Platinum Blades

Cuts through my stubble with hardly any effort. Saw Geo demonstrate with the R41 great pairing.

Richard P.
BIC blades are underrated

I have very course facial hair and I loathe dull blades. I generally like very sharp blades. These blades are as sharp as any. They are sharp. But they seem to be smoother than any of the other sharper blades on the market. These may be the best blades on the market. From all I have read on the internet, if you try em you tend to love em.

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