BAKBLADE BODBARBER Body Grooming - 11 in 1 Men's Body Grooming Kit


$54.95 USD 

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  • THE BODBARBER - introducing our full body groomer designed to manage your entire grooming game from head-to-toe. Our Multi-functional groomer includes 11+ grooming attachment options that satisfies all your grooming needs. Remember, at BAKBLADE Body Grooming We've Got Your BAK, BOD, & BOYS.
  • Attachments Included: Groin Groomer - designed for "below-the-belt" grooming our GroinGroomer is equipped with unique MicroTeeth Technology designed to protect against accidents leaving No-Nick results while giving a smooth safe shave. Body Groomer - a very easy-to-use body groomer that is the perfect tool to keep a smooth, clean look. Nose & Ear Trimmer - allows easy access when trimming overgrown ear and nose hairs. Foil shaver - perfectly sized to clean up your neck line.
  • Extra Attachments Included: Design Trimmer - effective tool when shaping up your facial hair. Hair & Beard Trimmer - essential when trimming your beard or hair. 4 hair trimmer combs (3/6/9/12mm) for hair cutting. BODBARBER comes with 2 speed settings (7,000 RPM and 8,000 RPM). 2nd speed cuts very clean and safe which is great when grooming your delicate areas.
  • LED Display / USB Fast Charging / Lithium BOLD - LED Display tells you how much battery life is remaining. Our new lithium BOLD lasts up to 5x longer than a standard NiHD/NiCad battery and enables a very fast recharge. BODBARBER can be used Wet or Dry. Easy grip coating gives you a maximum grip when using your BODBARBER in the shower.
  • Travel Case Included - Our complimentary leather travel bag is included. Plenty of space to fit your BODBARBER as well as all your attachments. Grooming Mat Included – Our complimentary disposal Mess Mat allows easy clean up after you’ve completed your grooming routine.


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