BAKBLADE Back Shaver 1.0


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After a Shave Your Face is Baby Smooth, Keep Your Back Just as Smooth!
The baKblade back hair shaver easily removes hair from your shoulders, arms, upper, and lower back area!
Unique Patented Design allows you to remove back hair effortlessly by yourself!
Simply hold the baKBlade back shaver flat with the teeth contacting the skin and move lightly across the back area.
The teeth move along and easily remove the hair with no discomfort, similar to a back scratching tool.
The overall sensation is quite pleasant.
A mirror can be used to ensure that you have removed all the unwanted hair.
A slight learning curve is involved as you become familiar with the tool.
After that it will become second nature.
Use as often as needed to maintain a smooth back.

The 4-1/2 wide patented back shaver blade rests flat on the back (without wobbling) and allows the shaver to cover more area per stroke.
The curved, lightweight ergonomic handle is perfect for accessing hard-to-reach areas and allows the user a slight amount of handle flexibility as well.
Each blade will provide several back shaves (mileage will vary)
For Blade replacement, simply pull the blade out of the handle and slide in a new one.
Long Flexible Handle for comfort and ease of use.

Click Here for Replacement Blades

Approximate Dimensions:

  • 18in  Overall Length (with blade installed)
  • 4.5in-111mm blade (for more coverage)
  • Unique patent pending safety blade reduces risk of cutting
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight, over 4 inches wide safety blade-no shave cream needed
  • Gives a smooth sexy look, smoother than a clipper trim
  • Long handle, all areas can be reached
  • Includes 1 Blade so you can use it right away 
  • Instruction Sheet Included


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