Arko Shaving Stick


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A highly regarded Turkish shaving soap

Arko shaving sticks provide an excellent, creamy lather and a superb shaving experience.
Arko shave soap bursts with lather.
The scent is clean and fresh, like old-fashioned Savon de Marseille.
These shaving sticks feature the classic Arko packaging design that is universally recognized.
Arko shaving soap is produced by Evyap in Turkey, one of the leading soap and personal care products manufacturers of the world

  • Very Pleasant Scent
  • Creates thick lather with minimal effort
  • Provides a slick cushion for the razor to glide upon.
  • Arko Shaving Soap is difficult to obtain in the US.
  • Stick 75 gr.
  • Solid stick is great for travel (2.6oz) or home use
  • Long lasting and cost efficient.

How to use a shaving stick (Geo):

Wet the area to be shaved with hot water, then rub the end of the stick over the area to be shaved.
Run hot water over the shaving brush, and shake some of the excess water out.
Swirl brush in a circular motion along with short back and forth strokes to build the lather directly on the skin, adding small amounts of hot water to the brush as needed.
Build lather until the desired consistency is achieved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Louis P.
Best shaving supply biz on the web

Very compact stick of shave soap. Great for traveling. Also, fast service from Shave Nation and a handwritten thank you note is always included.

Mark R.
Arko has been around forever for good reason.

Have used quite a bit in the past, nice inexpensive stick that makes good slick lather.

John D.
Arko Shave Stick

Smells great. Fantastic lather.

Richard Sudusky
Amazing Soap at Any Price

For the price you just have to try it. I love the smell, but I can see how it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Shave performance is outstanding. Easy to make a thick lather and it's super slick even after rinsing. Makes a huge difference in the shave - I'm getting MUCH closer shaves with this. For reference, using Henson + (original mild) with RK blades.

David P.
Get the stick

Been using arko shaving sticks since I was in the navy 20 years ago. Better lather then foam and works great with hot or cold water. It softens the stiffest beard in short order. Has a clean rinse and smells great.

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