Dovo Ebony Wood Straight Razor 6/8 Flowing Blade


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Dovo Ebony Wood Razor w/ Full Hollow 6/8 Flowing Blade
The Dovo flowing ebony straight razor has three distinct features.
First: The blade is hand-etched with a flowing design that mimics waves of water.
Second: The scales are crafted from black ebony wood.
Third: The Dovo flowing ebony straight razor features a 6/8 blade.
The 6/8 blade can carry more lather than thinner blades and requires fewer blade rinse cycles while shaving.
  • 6/8 Carbon Steel
  • Hollow Ground Blade
  • Ebony Wood Handles
  • Includes Beautiful Blue Metal Hinged Presentation Case
Manufactured in the Dovo Manufactory, in Solingen, Germany.
Among the finest manufacturers of straight razors in the world.
*In stock and usually ships the same day*
This Razor is 100% Shave Ready and Comes in a hygienically sealed protective/storage case.

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