Dovo Facharbeit 6/8 Straight Razor-Acrylic Handles


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Exclusively at Shave Nation! Dovo Facharbeit 6/8 Straight Razor (Blue or Red Acrylic) This Limited Production (only 500 made) razor has a 6/8 Full Hollow Ground Stainless Steel Blade. The handles are blue acrylic. A collector's chance to own a piece of history!

  • 6/8" Width full hollow ground stainless steel blade, weighs ~56g
  • HISTORICAL FORGINGS FROM 1967-1971 1.4034 steel of exceptional quality
  • 500pcs Total production, each individually serialized (laseblue at rear stabilizer)
  • Square head
  • Blue or Red acrylic handle, 'reptile-like' pattern
  • File jimps upon tang to aid handling
  • Handmade in Dovo's Solingen, Germany factory, special packaging presentation
  • Includes Free USA Shipping (US SHIPPING ONLY)

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

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