Dovo Travel Storage Case for 2 Straight Razors


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Many well-to-do gentlemen used to own a pair of razors with the belief that giving each razor a day to rest would help preserve its edge. (Very well-to-do gentlemen owned seven day sets!).
This hard brown leather case for 2 razors by Dovo is a stylish storage option for the modern-day gentleman emulating his predecessors, or the traveler who can’t choose a favorite.
Dovo Steelware was founded in 1906, and initially produced only straight razors.

Dovo now makes a range of high quality grooming products and the Merkur brand of safety razors, and justifiably boasts of their work as “Masterpieces in Steel”.
Dovo's hometown of Solingen has been home to renowned blacksmiths since the medieval era and today the name of Solingen enjoys protected status under German law.
Only high quality articles produced entirely in the Solingen area being allowed to carry the Solingen name.

Sturdy hinged case with push-button metal closure.
Sturdy yet Soft Calfskin exterior and soft interior with 2 elastic straps inside to hold razors securely.
(razors not included)
Approximate Dimensions:

  • L: 6-3/4in-171m
  • W: 3-3/4in-95m
  • H: 3/4in

Made in Germany by DOVO Solingen

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Joseph Katon
Perfect addition to add to your toiletry bag

Extremely slim and sturdy. It's perfect for taking two of my cutthroats on the road with me while not consuming so much space in my toiletry bag with out concern about banging up my straight razors.

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