Muhle Styptic Pencil - Alum Stone Pen


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Muhle Styptic Pencil - Alum Pen for pinpoint accuracy. Apply to small nicks, cuts, or weepers to seal them off quickly.
  • ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES: An alum pencil is the perfect natural aftershave as it has antiseptic properties. This helps to heal any nicks or cuts that occur and also closes the skin's pores. This leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • SHAVING USE: Simply wet the pencil and gently apply it to your skin once you are done shaving. You should focus on any nicks that are bleeding as the antiseptic properties will help with the healing process.
  • ORIGINAL BARBERSHOP EQUIPMENT: Alum stone has long been around and was part proper shaving equipment setup. This aftershave stone helps with razor burns and bumps to keep the skin healthy and looking its best.
  • Weight: 0.3oz-9.5g


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