Thiers Issard Spartacus Straight Razor 6/8 Blade


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Blade Type:  Hook Nose-SN1971

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This Straight Razor Masterpiece is Hand Crafted at the Thiers-Issard Factory in France.

  • You can see it in action in the video above.
  • 6/8” blade C135 Steel-Cutting edge is approximately 3 inches long
  • Hook Nose Blade.
  • Blade is Mirror polished.
  • Hand-chiseled Feston ornamental design on the spine.
  • Handle material: Ebony
  • Razor includes a genuine black leather sheath.
  • In stock for immediate shipment! 
You can see it in action in the video above.

Straight razors should be stropped prior to each use and over time will need to be touched-up on a sharpening stone. Any straight razor requires a particular attention and maintenance. It should be cleaned and dried carefully after use. For long term storage, razors should be lightly oiled and stored in a dry environment.

Shave with it, or put it in a glass case and admire it!

Handcrafted in France by Thiers Issard 

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