Thiers Issard Spartacus Straight Razor 6/8 Blade Hook Nose


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This Straight Razor Masterpiece is Hand Crafted at the Thiers-Issard Factory in France.

  • You can see it in action in the video above.
  • 6/8” blade C135 Steel-Cutting edge is approximately 3 inches long
  • Hook Nose Point
  • Blade is Mirror polished.
  • Hand-chiseled Feston ornamental design on the spine.
  • Handle material: Ebony
  • Razor includes a protective genuine leather sheath.
  • In stock for immediate shipment! 
You can see it in action in the video above.

Straight razors should be stropped prior to each use and over time will need to be touched-up on a sharpening stone. Any straight razor requires a particular attention and maintenance. It should be cleaned and dried carefully after use. For long term storage, razors should be lightly oiled and stored in a dry environment.

Shave with it, or put it in a glass case and admire it!

Handcrafted in France by Thiers Issard 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

It’s a wonderful work of art and is a pleasure to use with its weight and sharp edge.

Christopher Rose
Flashing Steel what a great razor

This is an excellent razor. This is my second Thierry Issard razor My other being a carbon steel Le Grelot. This razor is in a different league. It’s more of a 7/8 blade and is nice and heavy. Not liking a singing blade this one is perfect I am a beginner and I get a really close shave on the first pass. I haven't stropped it yet and will be careful when I do.

Glen R.

Gorgeous str8 with a hefty blade!
For my first shave I used it right out of the box with no honing or stropping. It shaved beautifully as was. I had been eyeballing this str8 for several months, while accumulating the funds to make the purchase. Then to my dismay it sold out!
This specific version of TI Spartacus must be exclusive to Shave Nation. I haven't seen it available anywhere else, as I was searching for it everywhere as a result of it selling out.
To my delight, I saw it was once again available at SN.
I jumped on it this time! I wasn't taking any chances of it disappearing for good this go around.
The attention to detail and the overall quality of this str8 are outstanding and I would definitely recommend it.
However, it is listed as a 6/8 from spine to edge, but according to my tape it measures as a 7/8. Now this is no issue with me as I love a 7/8 blade. But I knew instantly when I removed it from the leather case and opened it, that by eye it looked bigger than a 6/8. I also wouldn't recommend this str8 as the first choice for a beginner. While the square point on this one doesn't feel overly menacing, the risk of it biting is ever present. If you are a beginner, then I'd recommend very gently muting the point.
Thanks Geo for the secure packaging job, this gorgeous work of art of a str8 and the free SN face towel and sticker you included!

Mike M.

Ordered my first real straight razor, it came sooner than expected and is beautiful. It came sharp and ready to go and very well package. First nice thing I’ve bought myself in over a year and I’m very happy with what I received.

Anthony M.
Very happy!!!

Much better then last time!

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