Boker 6/8 Straight Razor with Black Amboina Handles


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Boker 6/8 Straight Razor with Black Amboina Handles

Style is less a question of elegance than of character. The Boker Black Amboina proves to perfection that these characteristics can be perfectly combined. The expressive 6/8 inch razor is completely black with a burnished blade made of high-strength carbon steel for the first time. In this special process, the surface of the blade is transformed into a black oxide layer by treatment with acid, which is why it is not possible to speak of a coating in the classic sense. The extra-high ground blade has jimpings on both sides and thus underlines the exclusive character of the Boker Black Amboina. Due to the balanced weight of the knife, the blade glides extremely pleasantly and cleanly over the skin.

The hilt made of exotic Amboina Wood impresses with its strikingly variegated grain, which in parts is reminiscent of wild carbon fibre. The wood, which originates from Southeast Asia, owes this special structure to its tuber-like intergrowths in the area of the roots, which gives each knife its unique character. The distinctive black and the pleasantly smooth surface of the handle are achieved with the help of stabilizing the wood. In this special process, heated epoxy resin is pressed into the wood pores and then hardened. The bulbous shape of the handle forms a successful contrast to the straight edge of the blade, expressively emphasizing the lines of the razor.

Discreet visual accents in the hilt are found as eye-catchers in the two studs made of Nickel Silver as well as the silver Boker tree sign. Supplied with an authentic Boker stamp on the blade, a certificate of authenticity and an elegant floating display. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen.

  • Boker
  • 6/8
  • Carbon Steel
  • Grind: Extra High Grind
  • Black
  • Square Point
  • Amboina Wood
  • Black
  • 2.05 oz
  • Solingen, Germany



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