Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Shaving Cream Jar

Taylor Old Bond Street

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Eton College Shaving Cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street
Inspired by the tradition of Eton - the premier college of royalty and the aristocracy.
Especially formulated for its young gentlemen.
This Premium Shaving Cream possesses a fresh invigorating yet lightly scented fragrance combining sparkling citrus oils with rich woody undertones to enchant the senses of the young - and the young at heart.
Can be applied with a shaving brush or directly by hand
  • 5.3oz- 150g Tub with Screw Cap.
  • Imported From England
  • Premium Quality 

*NOTE* Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Creams 150g jars use a hot pour method, are sold by weight, and the jars are not sealed. It is quite normal for the contents to shift, lean to one side, or have irregular cavities when you open them. Don’t be alarmed, TOBS ensures that this is completely normal. The creams will also vary in consistency from batch to batch. This should not be considered a flaw and does not affect the performance of the cream. "Lather up and Get Your Shave On!"


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