SuperWave Lineup and Detail Razor with Blades

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Get your facial hair in line with the SuperWave Lineup Razor. With its SuperWave design, this razor is perfect for lining and detailing beards and mustaches and it's  especially great for lining up around the ears! Available in assorted colors, it's a must-have for any barber or anyone looking for a clean, precise look. Say goodbye to unruly facial hair and hello to a polished look. ***Comes stowed securely in a handsome fitted gift box.***

To Use: Insert a half blade into the short end with the sharp end facing outward. *Scroll through images to see blade installed*

Choose your desired color from the Drop-Down menu.

  • Excellent for detailing and lineups
  • Includes 7 Blades to get started right away!
  • Minimalist design is economical and functional
  • Economical-uses Pre-Split Blades or DE Blades snapped in half
  • Various colors 

The SuperWave Razor includes ONE each of the following half-blades:

  • Derby
  • Lord
  • Parker
  • Perma Sharp
  • Shark
  • Sharp
  • 7AM Plus

This enables you to Test-Shave different blades to see which suit you best!

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