Simpsons Traditional Shaving Mug - Black Red or Blue


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This is a Simpsons barber shaving scuttle in the traditional style. The shallow holder with drain holes at the top holds a puck of shaving soap. Through the wide spout on the side, the mug can be filled with boiling hot water from a tea kettle. The shaving brush can then be dunked into the water through the spout to heat it up before swishing it around on the soap on the top. This creates warm lather for shaving. The drain holes allow excess water to drain back into the mug and keep the hard soap from dissolving. The water will hold enough heat for a comfortable shave. 

Note: Solid Colors-there are no logos on this scuttle


Click Here for Traditional Shave Soap Refills

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 4in-102mm
  • Handle to Front: 6in-152mm
  • Across Puck Area: 3in-76mm
  • Across Bottom: 3.25in-83mm

Available in Black, Red, or Blue

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