Simpsons CASE Pure Travel Brush with Case


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Made with slightly coarser and shorter hairs, the Simpsons Case Pure Badger Shaving Brush offers an invigorating scrub and a compact size. The handmade knot is densely filled with dark hair that exfoliates and raises the beard for a clean and comfortable shave. At 85 millimeters this brush is a great traveller and also allows the shaver to apply lather accurately, helpful when working around facial hair stylings. The handle is turned with a raised ring for in-hand stability, traditionally handsome in faux ivory. Simpsons makes brushes widely considered to be among the world's finest.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Knot size: 19mm
  • Knot Loft: 42mm
  • Handle Height: 43mm
  • Overall height: 85mm

Dimensions are approximate and may vary as each brush is hand made on the Isle of Man/England


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