Red Deer Heavy 6/8 Straight Razor - Knife Type

Red Deer

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Red Deer Vintage 6/8 Straight Razor - Knife Type

These are heavy straight razors at an affordable price. Great for practicing honing for beginners. The Red Deer logo is engraved on the blade. When you wake up at dawn and you're getting ready to go out on your mission, you can shave the old fashioned way, like your father used to - like a man. Red Deer Straight Razors are sharp to the touch and provide a safer alternative for your skin verses today's razors and the handles come in many vibrant colors. These straight razors also make the perfect gift, get yours today before supplies are all gone. You can't go wrong with Red Deer- superb quality since 1996.

Maybe you're not interested in spending over $100 on a traditional style straight razor. We've added these to the lineup so you can give it a try and still be cost effective. You can get a feel for it, practice your stropping, honing, and shaving, then jump to a quality straight razor by Dovo or Böker, or Thiers Issard when you see fit.

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Approximate Dimensions:

  • 6/8 steel blade is 1095 Carbon Steel
  • 3 inch usable blade length
  • 5.5 inch handle length
  • 10 inch overall length 

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