Proraso XL Preshave Cream for PROFESSIONAL Use 300ml


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Proraso PROFESSIONAL SIZE Preshave Cream Large 300ml Jar for Barber Shop Use! The perfect way to prepare the skin for a close shave. It softens the beard and protects the skin. Enriched with natural raw ingredients for a concentrated, rich, non-greasy product. Contains Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol combining a cleansing and toning action with a refreshing and revitalizing effect.

Instructions For Use: Wet your face and apply the Proraso Pre-Shaving Cream. Massage with circular movements and do not rinse. Apply soap or shaving cream directly on top of the preshave for your best shave and softest skin ever!

  • Can also be used as a post shave
  • No parabens, No silicons, No pore-clogging mineral oils
  • Made in Italy


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